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“Shamelessly brilliant… buckets of charm… it’s difficult to take your eyes off him”

Theatre Full Stop

“Brings a new dimension to the lines… had the audience in stitches”

Everything Theatre

“His energy seems other wordly… his humour and performance give the second act a much needed lift”

The Public Reviews

“Steals the show”

Remote Goat

“A tour de force”

Desperately Seeking Cymbeline


2015, Stage, Chorus, Dauphin, Bedford, Nym, HENRY V, Merely Players, Tatty Hennesy

2015, Stage, Theseus, Oberon, Bottom, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, Merely Players, Scott Ellis

2015, Stage, Autolycus/Archidamus, THE WINTER’S TALE, Shakespeare Sessions, Ross McGregor

2014, Stage, Petruchio, THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, The Merely Players, Scott Ellis

2014, Stage, Brutus, JULIUS CAESAR, Merely Players, Neil Sheppeck

2014, Stage, Curio / Bass, TWELFTH NIGHT, Merely Players, Scott Ellis

2014, Stage, Lennox (Angus, Siward, Young Siward), MACBETH, RIFT, Felix Mortimer

2014, Stage, The Douglas, HENRY IV PART ONE, Merely Players, Scott Ellis

2014, Stage, Gravedigger, A PIT OF CLAY, RIFT, Dominique Bull

2014, Stage, Banquo, MACBETH, The Merely Players, Simon Grujich

2014, Stage, Friar Laurence, ROMEO & JULIET, The Merely Players, Scott Ellis

2014, Stage, Pinch, COMEDY OF ERRORS, The Merely Players, Scott Ellis

2013, Stage, Angelo, MEASURE FOR MEASURE, Reduced Circumstances, Kamaal Hussain

2013, Stage, Leontes, THE WINTER’S TALE, LAMDA (scenes), Jonathan Humphries

2013, Stage, Eros, PSYCHE & EROS, Dana Koellner, Dana Koellner

2011, Stage, Alexei Vronsky/Nikolai Levin, ANNA KARENINA, Landor Theatre, Jane-Eve Straughton

2010, Stage, Archangel Gabriel, MEDIEVAL MYSTERY NATIVITY, Open Minds Theatre Company, Steve Rogers

2010, Stage, Matt Galloway, Russel Henderson, Baptist Minister, THE LARAMIE PROJECT, The Crucible Studio, Ruth Carney

2010, Stage, Official, Blind Man, Customs, Spectator, Dancer, ALICE, The Crucible Theatre, Lyndsey Turner

2010, Stage, Citizen, AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, The Crucible Theatre, Daniel Evans

2009, Stage, Dim, Warder, Big Jew, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, Open Minds Theatre Company, Steve Rogers

Film, TV & Shorts

2015, Television, Jean-Baptiste, THE FIRST MUSKETEER, Webtales, Harriet Sams

2014, Television, D’Artagnan, MUSEUM SECRETS SEASON 3, BBC / National Geographic, Lara Fitzgerald

2013, Short Film, Mr Elton, JANE AUSTEN’S EMMA, LAMDA (scenes), Benjamin Morris

2013, Short Film, Petruchio, KATHARINA THE CURST, Little Extra Productions, Darren Weston

2012, Short Film, BOY (lead), JUST PLAY, Little Extra Productions, Darren Weston

2012, Short Film, Andrew Maddens, PRISONER, Saxon Rix // Film, Saxon Rix

2012, Short Film, MI6, EXTRACTION, Little Extra Productions, Darren Weston

2012, Short Film, The Man, BINKY, HELP & HOLD, Little Extra Productions, Darren Weston

2011, Music Video, Simpkins, CLUB SMITH- CALL TO HARM, A Little Man Productions, Andy Little

2010, Short Film, Ben Taylor, THE TENANT, Top Floor Productions, Adam Farrar-Armiger

2011, Television, Tony, PRISONER’S WIVES, BBC, Harry Bradbeer

2009, Feature Film, Hero Group, FOUR LIONS, Film 4, Chris Morris

2004, Feature Film, Alex, TALES FROM NOWHERE, SilenceBreakerFilms, Ryan Bracha


2013, Commercial, Graphic Designer, VIKING STATIONERY, Chief Productions, Nate Camponi

2012, Commercial, Johnny, BAVARIA BEER, Equinox, Phil Hawkins


2012, Corporate, Homeless Executive (lead), CRASH, Bedlam TV, Phil Kerry

2011, Corporate, Tenant, ASPIRE HOUSING, Inspired Film & Video, Daniel Stubbs

2011, Corporate, Dave, CORAL: DEAL OR NO DEAL, RISK & REWARD, Epigram, Dave Harpham

2009, Corporate, Presenter, HOPE IN KASHMIR, AHS Foundation, Rob Myles


2013, Workshop, Arts Practitioner, ROTHERHAM YOUTH SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Open Minds Theatre Company, Katherine Fletcher

2013, Role Play, Dr Robin Styles, PRESENTATION SKILLS MASTERCLASS, University of Sheffield, Dr Kay Guccione

2013, Role Play, Psychiatric In-Patient, PSYCHIACTRIC MEDICAL EXAM, Professional Role Players, Phill Doulton

2012, Role Play, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PSYCHIATRIC EXAMINATION, PRPlayers, Phill Doulton

2012, Workshop, Arts Practitioner, ROTHERHAM YOUTH SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Open Minds Theatre Company, Katherine Fletcher

2011, Workshop, Arts Practitioner, ROTHERHAM YOUTH SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL, Open Minds Theatre Company, Katherine Fletcher


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