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(Deceptively Cold) Bavaria Sponsors Benidorm

I couldn’t help thinking, turning up for the shoot, that had we known the swimming pool would be iced over and the verdant green covered with four inches of snow, we would have had a Bavaria advert a little bit closer to the Coors Light commercial that froze Van Damme’s ‘pants’.

Driving at 5am in the morning in thick snow in an underpowered vehicle is actually something of a speciality of mine. I did it all too often during my time in rural Japan. Conquering that challenge was child’s play compared to spending the day wearing swimwear in sub-zero temperatures.

We toughed it out, and to their credit, Equinox did a tip top job using tactical framing, sun-scaled lighting rigs and complimentary white-balance to create a flawlessly tropic effect for the adverts, which you can see here.

You likely imagine I’m exaggerating the hail that was assailing my back as I stood at that bar for those shots, and that’s why you should take a look at the making of:

Hats off to the models who had to endure the hoth-like chill in bikinis.

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