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I’ve been a videographer in one form or another since 2007, and I am now happy to say I have the benefit of a team who can help me get the best results.

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Say hello to my filmic friends.

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Most Recent Job

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I was most recently asked to produced a series of short films (here appended into a single video) for the Effective Learning Service at Bradford University Faculty of Management & Law, detailing international students’ access to resources designed to create an easier transition to the western academic system, both on campus and in distance learning environments.


My New Team

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Guido Cavaciuti

Guido is a superb Director of Photography. Having crewed on major Hollywood productions, he is capable of delivering beautiful lighting, great camera work and quality sound, making him an economical triple threat for creating amazing work.

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Sarah Peachey

Sarah is a talented and experienced project and events producer, having worked in the innovation game for ExCo’s of global brands. Her preparation and logistical skills ensure everything is done on time and in budget, even in challenging situations.

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Chris Webb

Chris is a talented and versatile digital creative who specializes in post effects work, ranging from rototracking, to stop motion to compositing. He is a valuable asset to any video project, opening up new approaches or augmenting existing footage.

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Flash Applications


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Oh and me!

My role is primarily as a writer & director, working closely with the client to develop the best way to communicate ideas effectively through moving image. Having experience in event videography, documentary and short film, I help determine the best approach and the best way to bring an idea to life.

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Film Enquiries

We’re happy to field enquiries for documentaries, short films & corporate promos. Please give us an indication of your idea and budget and we’ll be in touch.

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Some Old Stuff I Made



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Animated Webvert

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I am currently experimenting with photography, learning about visual language and composition. I’ll be posting images from my journey here.

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