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Larry and I

I have been working with LA-based rockstar photographer Larry Perez on several small projects of late, focussing on the psychology of sales and entrepreneurship. He recently put his thoughts on our collaboration in his own words:

Hiring Robert for the creation of content as part of our consulting business has been one of the best outsourcing decisions we’ve made. He took the time to understand exactly what our needs were and made it very simple for us to delegate the projects out to him with confidence.

His most glaring strength, and one that we find really exciting, is his ability to take our content to new levels. We knew exactly what we wanted and expected him to complete projects based on our standards. That didn’t happen. He delivered the content complete and on schedule, but on a level above and beyond what we were expecting.

Robert’s knowledge and research was a welcome addition, and we have decided that Robert is a perfect fit for our growing company and has much to offer. Now we are in the process of structuring a larger project together, one that we could not have completed without the quality he provides.

We will continue to work together with Robert as he has turned an otherwise daunting task into something very valuable for all involved. 

One last thing… his communication strengths are all 5-star in our eyes. This quality is very difficult to find. The bottom line is:

Hire him. You will be extremely satisfied in all aspects of your project.

Larry is developing a course for Photographers to help them get their artistic minds around the business-end of the industry, and I’m working with him to flesh out, formalize and finesse the concepts he often talks about in Webinars and on his Blog.

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