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oXyFire Media Creative

Recently I worked with oXyFire Media Creative on defining their brand backstory and developing sales documentation that would convey their fresh, confident approach to new media. Using a strategy based on the latest approaches based on influencing people through mirroring brain physiology in sales structure, we looked at the emotional “why?” of the company, it’s definition and purpose, before moving on to how that causal essence enabled them to do business unlike any other company in the field.

The unique selling points were flowing thick and fast, and the product is more and more essential in the emerging digital market. They operate corporate video services at the high-end of the spectrum, working with major industry leaders like Unilever and Global Holidays. We’re looking forward to working on more projects in the future.

Together, we defined oXyFire as:

A breath of fresh air; using the fuel of your idea and our creative spark to create a spotlight on your brand. oXyFire represents the life and light inherent in creativity: Oxygen is the key to human life. Fire is the first and greatest icon of man’s spirit of innovation.

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