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The Shakespeare Deck


The powerful, portable toolkit for classical actors.

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The Shakespeare Deck is a powerful, portable toolkit for actors seeking to crack Shakespeare’s codes and wield the full power of his words, enabling you to get more from your text work, auditions and rehearsals.

The deck is designed to equip you with a varied toolkit – maximising your awareness of the options available to you when exploring the text and developing a character.

The difference with this approach is that the possibilities are opened up by discoveries made in the text. Shakespeare has given you everything you need, you just need to develop the same shared knowledge his contemporaries would have had, to unlock what is coded into the very fabric of the plays.

Instead of feeling like you’re fighting against the text, or imposing assumptions onto it, the deck allows you to make informed choices that work with, and enrich, what is there on the page, without limiting your creativity or ownership of the role.

The Shakespeare Deck is deliberately concise, and eminently flexible. It can be used as you see fit, to suit your needs in the particular moment, without having to pore over numerous weighty tomes to discern what might be of use. It serves best as a series of reminders, inspirations, and seeds of creative practice.



50 Definitions (with examples)

28 Exercises (for individuals and groups)

12 Prompts (to keep you on the right track)


Product Details:

  • Standard card-deck size for portability
  • Nylon finish for robustness & ease of use
  • 8pt broadsheet font-size for readability
  • Colour-coding for easy orientation
  • Numbered cards for easy ordering
  • Clear key (exercises, definitions and prompts) for easy selection
  • Font & colours chosen in line with British Dyslexia Association best practice guidelines and product testing with dyslexic actors
  • Contains 45 double-sided cards


UK – typically dispatched within 3-5 working days.*

*Times vary due to Pandemic, Brexit and parental leave.

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Dimensions 9.5 × 6.7 × 1.8 cm


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