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RIFT – Head First Into Immersive Theatre

In an exciting development, Dominique Bull, assistant director to Felix Mortimer of RIFT theatre company, came to see Merely: Romeo & Juliet and invited me to audition for their summer production of Macbeth.

She explained that it would be an immersive production taking place in an East London tower block, a secretive production in which they were seeking the last of the supporting roles. I auditioned for a filmed monologue as the Bloody Sergeant, who opens the play with one of its most rousing and unapologetically hyperbolic speeches.

Before filming began however, I received a phone call that in fact the Director wanted me to take on the combined role of Lennox, Angus, Siward and Young Siward in the production proper. Not only this, but that the part included much bigger scenes to be filmed, and that they would be happening right away. I was thrilled to be offered the role and glad to accept it.

The play will be my first experience in immersive theatre, and I can’t wait to take on this brutalist, overnight production.

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