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Royal Parks Half For CRUK

I’m raising funds for Cancer Research UK by running the London Royal Parks Half Marathon.

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This was my first ever half marathon. Earlier in the year when a friend asked me if I’d be interested to run a half marathon I laughed in her face[book chat box].

Then my girlfriend was scheduled to run for her charity, Cancer Research UK, to help raise funds and help beat all cancers sooner. I signed up to run too, just for a bit of fun, and sure enough, Sarah got a serious foot injury that has put her out of the running (!) for three months, so it was all down to me to represent her.

She had already run Tough Mudder for Macmillan Nurses in honour of her good friend Hayley, who lost her battle with cancer earlier this year, and now works for Cancer Research UK, helping to bring forward the day when all cancers can be identified, treated and cured.

I’ve now completed the half marathon, and did so in 2hrs 8mins. The run was amidst a delightful setting, and running down the centre of the streets of London rather than the pavements gives you a unique and enthralling insight into the city’s beautiful architecture. This kept me going until around mile ten, when I hit what I am assured is The Wall. Despite this, I did not walk so much as a single step of the run, and paid for it.

Today, as I type this, my legs are the most stiff and sore they have ever been; broken shadows of their former selves. Please do not let it be in vain. Please give generously, and give today.

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