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The Hanged Man And The Mirror

Bootleggers and Baptists, Quarterly New Writing Night

Bootleggers and Baptists VI, the quarterly fringe theatre showcase, was host to my stage-writing début  last week, as I adapted one of my short stories into a dramatic monologue for performance on stage.

Bootleggers has an ever-growing reputation as a regional event that cannot be missed, with professional writers, groups and acts performing side by side with first timers to create vibrant nights showcasing new work from throughout the north of England.

The piece, written and directed by me and acted by Simon Atherton and Ed Guccione, was an allegorical tale of the hard lessons learned by a former witch-finder in Bible-belt America. My thanks go out to the organisers as well as to my cast for helping me realise the piece as fully as I was able to over just one week. The standard of the performances was truly impressive, and the feedback and encouragement I received from those who attended was heartening and a testament to their hard work in bringing the writing to life.

The short story upon which the piece was based is available upon request. Email me for more information.

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